About us

When it comes to financial matters, trust is a must. Since February 2009, we have been supporting both individuals and corporations to address the challenges of economic life: from simple tax declarations, through regular bookkeeping to complex strategic matters.

The experience and knowhow of our team are our main assets: engaged, highly trained and committed to the professional ethic of the fiduciary business, our employees place the best interests of our customers at the heart of their actions. Day after day. For the best possible results.

Tamon Treuhand Ltd. is owned by its managing partners and stands for independence, continuity, integrity and reliability. These are our core values and our promise to you.

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With a focus to what matters the most, fast, uncomplicated and reliable results - this is what you need!

In order to meet the needs of our clients, we rely on highly qualified talents, who identify themselves with their know-how, experience, far-sightedness and the desire to maintain up-to-date knowledge via continuous education and training. While maintaining our own freedom of action - but with the possibility of mutual exchange - our employees represent the interests of our customers at all times in a comprehensive, competent and efficient manner.


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Tobias Bauert

Managing Partner
Licensed Fiduciary Expert
Chartered Specialist in Accounting and Financial Management, Federal Diploma of Higher Education

T +41 41 541 80 90

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Tobias Bauert can assist you in German and English.

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Andreas Oberhänsli

Managing Partner
MA UZH in Business and Economics

T +41 41 541 80 90

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Andreas Oberhänsli can assist you in German and English.

Our vision


Our business

We provide services in the field of fiduciary, bookkeeping, annual accounts, tax, business consultancy, administration, payroll, personnel and social insurance, financial consulting, debt collection, contracting, organization and controlling. Our customers expect us to provide specific, uncomplicated and comprehensive advice and support. We lead our company in an honest, reliable and ethical manner. We focus on dignity, humanity and tolerance. We are fully independent and we serve private individuals as well as small and medium-sized companies.

What sets us apart

Our work is characterized by quality, competence, reliability and trust. Compliance with statutory and sector-specific guidelines and standards requires constant readiness achieved via continuous education. Tamon Treuhand Ltd. actively supports the continuous training of its employees, in order to always be able to offer high-quality and up-to-date services. We tailor our services in full accordance to the requirements and needs of our clients. A narrowed view and analysis of a challenging situation often leads to unintended consequences. That is why we are taking a holistic approach. Discretion in dealing with information is a top priority. We constantly optimize our services and strive to continually improve our processes.

Our mindset

We cultivate fair, correct, friendly relations with clients, authorities, public authorities, suppliers and to the public. Open-minded, we are politically and religiously neutral. Expertise and competence - combined with sincerity, loyalty and a forward-looking approach - create a valuable combination which helps to achieve high performance, steadfastness and farsightedness.

Our corporate culture

Employees and supervisors enjoy making use of their competence and knowledge to serve our clients. We make sure that everyone has a varied work, can deliver high quality and deliver additional value to our customers. Furthermore, teamwork is strengthened through openness, solidarity and willingness to help. Our company maintains a "can-do attitude" in all areas. In the team, we cultivate an atmosphere of mutual respect. For private concerns, we provide our necessary understanding and advocate the material and social security of our employees. We regard continuous training as the basis for maintaining our quality and professional competence. It is called for and encouraged.

Our network

As a regional trustee, we have a large business network, which allows us to access expert knowledge from various specialist disciplines. Thanks to our constructive cooperation with reliable partners, we are able to deliver to our customers a decisive benefit and make optimal use of all possible synergies.

Our management

Our company belongs to the knowhow carriers. They guarantee financial, professional and social independence and ensure that we can abide by our principles.

Our goal

A comprehensive, high-quality and resource-friendly service package to fully meet our customers' needs and requirements. This is what we want to continuously achieve. And we succeed thanks to several years of experience, continuous training, lean structures, a broad network and our ability to build tailor-made solutions.


Satisfied customers are the result of a high-quality service, which meet personal needs. With our clients we cultivate a long-term oriented relationship based on mutual trust and strict cost-benefit considerations.

We would be happy to provide you with detailed references upon request.

Job vacancy

We do not have any vacant positions currently.