The global business environment is characterized by the interaction of different parties with different interests. Authorities, banks, insurance companies, social insurance institutions, legislators and many more. They all have an influence on companies' business life, whether directly or indirectly.

We developed an extensive network, with business partners, authorities, trade associations and teaching institutions in order to facilitate professional exchanges, to identify changes at an early stage, and to provide optimal support to our clients. With us, you benefit from a central point of contact, which knows your needs and coordinates all third parties. This allows you to dedicate your time to your core activity, while we are pulling the right threads for you in the background.

Benefit from our network and access all information you need!

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Business partners

We offer our clients holistic interdisciplinary solutions for business problems. Where it calls for expertise outside our core competences, we rely on proved long-term business partners. We bring professionally qualified experts to the table to develop the right solution for you. Benefit from the advantage of a pool of interdisciplinary experts able to step in quickly and at a high level of efficiency resulting from long-term partnerships.

Please contact us if you are looking for a specialized lawyer, notary, auditor, web designer, IT and computing specialist, pension consultant, communication expert, insurance specialist etc. Thanks to our network, we are able to provide you with the right expert for your needs.


Professional associations provide in-depth professional expertise, offer training programs, influence and monitor the development of the legal landscape and, through the recognition of industry participants as quality members, constitute a reference. It is our aim to be able to offer comprehensive services at any time with modern solutions and up-to-date knowledge. We leverage our access to those information and the education and training programs of renowned professional associations to achieve this goal.

We are a member of TREUHAND|SUISSE, the Swiss Association of Trustees with almost 2,100 individual and company members, who together manage over 350,000 SMEs and other clients. We are also affiliated to the association, the largest Swiss association for financial reporting, controlling and accounting.

Memberships of Tamon Treuhand Ltd.
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Industry associations


Business associations


Contact with authorities is often considered as being cumbersome: too many paragraphs, too little flexibility. We understand this. However, we recognize the importance of a good relationship with municipal, cantonal and governmental bodies. Therefore, we would be pleased to represent your interests with the competent authorities.

The Internet provides us with a wealth of knowledge. Our list of links will help you to find the authorities, official information, directives and regulations you might be looking for.


Authorities and official information


Taxes and tax offices


Social insurances